Good energy with influencers

GOAL - to introduce a little-known service to the public in an attractive manner

Good advertising, is the one, that is not advertising! With this goal in mind, we created a script and also implemented video filming that would introduce the lesser-known tet service - electricity, and also the advantages of this service compared to other market players. In order to avoid an overly “advertising” feeling, we choose to write the script with humor and, of course, invite relevant opinion leaders - Mara Upmane-Holsteina, Markus Riva, Kristine Beitika and as host - Sanda Dejus. The diversity of influencers also makes us understand the diversity of the service's target audience, as well as its accessibility for everyone - so that it can be understood in "all languages", for both younger and older customers.

Watch video with:

Māra Upmane-Holšteina

Kristīne Beitika

Markus Riva