Hartwall Original long drink activities in the Summersound camping site + tastings

Summer is festival time and BSMS enjoyed it to the fullest with Hartwall Original long drink. We went to Liepāja together to make the experience of Summersound visitors in the camping site an adventure full of memories and emotions. Over two days, our promo team engaged visitors in various games and activities for which they could get tokens and exchange them for prizes. Of particular interest was the temporary tattoo corner, where you could get 'tattooed' tattoos inspired by the festival and gin and tonic.

designs for bsms

Hartwall tastings were held in Alkoutlet, Kabinets, Spirits & Wine, Maxima and Rimi stores in 9 Latvian cities: Riga, Jelgava, Ozolnieki, Ogre, Ādaži, Ķekava, Sigulda, Mārupe, Ulbroka. Tasting tables were placed next to alcohol, not far from the shelves where the «Hartwall» are located. In total, we organised 40 tastings, reached ~5040 people and introduced 5 drink flavours. Promo girls and boys invited people to taste and buy the Hartwall drinks. The promo area with a big «Hartwall» banner and the round table was made with Hartwall identity.

hartwall degusta cijas