Maxima Bubble Voyage Event

TASK - to come up with and implement a concept for one of the rooms within the Maxima Bubbles Voyage event, for sparkling wine distributors.

The event took place in Morberg's summerhouse, Jurmala, where each guest was given his own room. In total, there were eight bubble stations where guests could enjoy degustations, learn the nuances of sparkling wine, choose the most appropriate drink depending on the format of the event, and delve into aromas of drinks.

The concept needed to be noticeably different from other sparkling wine stations. There was a need for a room where guests would be interested in staying in and creating the feeling that the Rosé, a rose sparkling wine brand, is meant for real men as well. A room where guests want to make a picture for the memory when entering.

To accomplish this, we used LED lights, a low smoke machine and in the middle of the room we placed something interesting and unexpected - two stylish "freak bikes". To highlight the sparkling wine itself, we used a LED bar table, colour of which could be adjusted as needed.

maxima 1

maxima 2

maxima 3