Online press conference with masterclass

TASK - to orginize a press conference, in an engaging format and in accordance with all epidemiological requirements, providing a creative approach to media involvement, as well as to create the scenario of the event from scratch and ensure technical execution, also involving foreign participants.

Who said no to events? Together with Koskenkorva and Altia Latvia, we have shown that, on the contrary, in an age of constraints, events can be organized even more interesting and engaging, even when they are online. Cocktail master class, led by two excellent bartenders connected from both Latvia and Finland at the same time! Conference participants had the opportunity to prepare cocktails from home together with bartenders. Both the format of the invitation and the presentation format and the opportunity to get involved by asking questions in the chat were appreciated.

two bartenders chatting in the soom session, presenting Koskenkorva products and make cocktails

making a koskenkorva vodka tonic cocktail