Social media content creation + contest

Purpose: to promote the national school program "Milk and fruit for school" on social networks among pupils in grades 5-9

As part of the communication campaign, a social media communication strategy (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) was developed to reach an audience of pupils in grades 5-9. To achieve the communication objectives, a digital competition was developed in the form of self-tests in two separate categories: (1) milk and (2) fruit and vegetables, where pupils had to answer 8 educational questions with a chance to win valuable prizes. A total of 1302 people registered for the competition. A social media communication was developed for a 2-month period, containing both entertaining and educational content, as well as engagement-building content. Influencer collaborations were also secured with the development and posting of engaging and educational video content on both influencer and Milk and Fruit for School social media. During the campaign, the total reach generated was >720k. People.