TikTok #RedBandsweetlover campaign + event organization

The goal: to work with TikTok influencers and increase Red Band's brand awareness. We attracted influencers who creatively and interactively involved the target audience in the Red Band TikTok campaign, informed about the joint event in the amusement park “Avārijas brigāde” and showed how you can have a nice time with children in the Red Band activity area. From May to July, influencers, their followers and ABpark visitors enjoyed Red Band candies 100% and we gave them great emotions and being together.


Overall results:

  • Over 608K views from paid collaboration with influencers
  • 167 TikTok videos, 16 of them from paid collaboration with influencers
  • 130K audience reach from EHR broadcasting
  • 23 Instagram publications
  • More than 50 Instagram Stories
  • 6 Facebook posts
  • 9 YouTube Shorts

(1) TikTok Filter - digital marketing. This summer we spent an exciting time together with @europeanhiradio , @undixone and FAM3 influencers, creating a TikTok contest together by integrating a self-made filter. Each influencer has created qualitative and relevant content.


(2) Pinata – a gift for influencers. We supply Red Band pinatas to over 15 influencers who integrated into their content. The Red Band piñata was such an amazing and unexpected gift that every influencer posted Stories, some even hosted children's parties. Influencers used pinatas to attract people and spread awareness about the TikTok contest and the ABpark party. To enter the TikTok contest and win a special Red Band piñata along with ABpark tickets, people wrote comments and filmed a video with the Red Band TikTok filter.


(3) Party in the amusement park Avārijas brigāde with influencers. We concluded the #RedBandsweetlover campaign at ABpark's "Superīgākā vasaras diena" event together with influencers. Several activities were organized at the Red Band attraction "Teleports": large format games such as Jenga and Circus, recreation area, piñata game, bubbles, photography and filming. During the event, we reach more than 1K park visitors.