BSMS receives EcoVadis bronze award and confirms its achievements in sustainability

Marketing agency BSMS has received a bronze award from rating agency EcoVadis for achievements in the field of sustainability. The company’s care for its employees, good working conditions, healthy internal culture of the company, provided growth opportunities, as well as orderly storage and management of information have been especially highlighted.

Rating agency EcoVadis specializes in evaluation of environmental impact and corporate social responsibility (CSR) of companies. EcoVadis has evaluated a total of more than 75 000 companies and their environmental impact on the basis of 21 indicators divided into four categories: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurements. The evaluation method is based on international standards, for example ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), analysing both policies of companies and real activities and achieved results.

"In 2022, we continued our work in implementing the best industry practices, so we are very pleased with EcoVadis recognition. Thanks to the ambitious goals and cooperation with our partners, we have improved our achievements in the field of sustainability," says BSMS Manager Inta Busa.

BSMS stands out for its highly organized and responsible storage and management of information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and general data security. Also, a high evaluation has been received in human resources management matters – the company’s care for safety and health of employees, good working conditions, taking care of work and private life balance, creating a healthy internal culture in the company, as well as providing opportunities for growth and qualification raising, have been appreciated.

Bronze medal confirms that BSMS is among the top 50% of global industry companies in its industry applying the most advanced approaches in the field of corporate social responsibility.

On EcoVadis rating

EcoVadis total score (0-100) reflects the quality of the company’s sustainability management system at the time of evaluation. In general, it is possible to receive awards in four categories – platinum (top 1%; total score 75 to 100); gold (top 5%; total score 67 to 74); silver (top 25%, total score 56 to 66); bronze (top 50%; total score 47 to 55).

EcoVadis rating provides companies with an evaluation allowing them to realize their place among similar companies in the industry, understand their strengths and possible issues requiring further improvement. Rapidly growing EcoVadis platform was founded in 2007. Many companies now rely on EcoVadis platform, evaluating and improving their performance in the field of environmental protection and social responsibility.

Companies representing production of tobacco, coal mining, weapons and ammunition, as well as aircraft and spacecraft and related equipment may not participate in the rating.