Author: Alina Radzevich, project manager

By investing resources in the professional development of young marketers, BSMS not only creates a future generation of professionals, but also promotes the exchange of knowledge between the company's employees and students. Alina Radzeviča, BSMS project manager and internship manager, is convinced that “motivated interns want a higher level of responsibility rather than making coffee or moving papers from folder to folder, but to perform complex tasks independently, it is necessary to provide relevant knowledge that requires a lot of managers’ attention”.

In the autumn semester of 2021, 7 trainees from RMMT have already completed their internship, whose mentor BSMS junior project manager Tatjana Petjukeviča comments: “This is a good training ground to try yourself and your ideas. I urge trainees to be proactive and to “squeeze out” of the internship anything that may be useful for their further development.”

At the end of September, three students of the Riga Stradiņš University bachelor's program "International Marketing and Advertising" have started their internship in the BSMS marketing department. Laura Žaklīna Bukša comments: "The internship will influence my future career development, helping to understand whether the profession is suitable for me." A study conducted in 2018 also showed that 9 out of 10 new employees leave the job in the first month if it does not meet their expectations (Robert Half, 2018). The internship allows both potential employers and employees to assess the potential for future cooperation.

A fresh look at the company's processes includes curiosity, asking questions and the need to adapt to new circumstances, which in turn provokes the team to analyze their own and team's work towards change. “I wanted to gain my first experience in a company that is meant for creative minds, where people work with a desire to bring something new to marketing communication in Latvia. BSMS is a modern, successful, innovation-oriented company, it includes all the latest news, such as the podcast "Tirgziņu Tērzes", says L.Ž. Bukša.

The trainee is motivated to gain real experience and acquire skills to reflect in his / her portfolio, but it is very important to define the tasks, goals, expected results and provide feedback so that the work is performed qualitatively and the trainee feels valued. Trainee Tīna Akmeņkalne, sharing the most important aspects during the internship, says: "It is important that the supervisor trusts me and ensures good communication, so that I am not afraid to ask questions and do not feel alone and "excluded" by a team of experienced professionals." T. Akmeņkalne, L.Ž.Bukša and Patrīcija Irbe in general, as students, evaluate that during the internship there should be the application of theoretical knowledge in real works, acquisition of new knowledge, feedback, opportunity to learn from experts in the existing dynamic processes.

A company that cares about the future of the industry and the education of young professionals is valued as sustainable. In addition, in the struggle to stand out from the competition, future industry professionals are happy to associate themselves with outstanding brands and are motivated to build the reputation of the represented company, which provides an opportunity to gain experience and explore the industry. Existing BSMS interns value the company as a dynamic, modern and growth-oriented agency, and internship manager, BSMS project manager Alīna Radzeviča is convinced that the internship process is important for both the company and new students.