During 2020, more than 50 students took their internship at the company SIA "BSMS"

With the company SIA "BSMS" existing on the market for twenty years, the promotion of youth education and development is becoming increasingly important. By sharing our know-how, expertise and experience, we believe that we are developing a new generation of specialists. In 2019, the company "BSMS" together with a team of students from Riga Stradins University [Rīgas Stradiņa Universitāte] established the project #WANNABE. Within the framework of the project, the study process is improved with such aids as practical tasks, mentoring in the development of bachelor's or master's theses, specially prepared study tasks, guest lectures and, practice as well. So far, cooperation agreements have been concluded with several Latvian higher education institutions.

In 2020, more than 50 students were practicing at the company SIA "BSMS", covering such skills as a graphic designer, programmer, marketing project manager, photographer, video producer, animator, brand manager, social network administrator. Providing internships and the associated workplaces allow the company to meet new entrants at an early stage in their career development. Although the company needs to invest resources from its point of view, we believe that the benefits for young people are invaluable for the professionalism and overall development of the industry.

CEO of the company Inta Busa [Inta Buša] comments the following: "internship practice should not be about bringing coffee and printing papers – it not only damages the impression of the importance of the profession and the notion of internship but also creates assistants instead of managers or creative personalities. We provide trainees with mentoring, project tasks, and, feedback from the supervisor, which allows defining areas for improvement at the beginning of the career. I have had the pleasure of working with most trainees, and among them, I have seen actual "stars" – young people with tremendous workability, a clear vision and understanding of the result to be achieved, and a desire to develop and even challenge themselves professionally, they stand out among other trainees".

For the trainees, internships provide several benefits:

  • Acquisition of practical knowledge and skills, their application in the real work environment;
  • Understanding of profession and work environment;
  • Gaining valuable contacts;
  • Positive feedback and recommendation for prospective employers;
  • Increasing a person's competitiveness for future jobs;
  • Possibilities for a potential employment place and for starting an employment relationship.

At the end of 2020, we are pleased with the positive evaluation of the internship by the trainees, the excellent cooperation with educational institutions, and the knowledge gained from these institutions, which young people will be able to apply and further develop in their future careers. In case you are interested in an internship in 2021, please write us at bsms@bsms.lv !