The diverse possibilities of b-studio collaboration

b-studio's multifunctionality as an asset for brands

The photo studio with kitchen area is where content is created for different communication needs and purposes - social media content, digital communication, environmental and media advertising, as well as recipe book development and production. The advantage of b-studio is its multifunctionality, where everyone can vary and express themselves, i.e. not only visual, video or audio content is created in the studio, but brands, chefs, influencers, people from the creative industry meet and get to know each other in person, face-to-face and digital events are organised, masterclasses are realised, products from different brands are enjoyed and represented - all this within b-studio.

One example is b-studio's collaboration with the Neff brand, where, inspired by each other's brand philosophy of creativity, freedom and always being in the process, b-studio's premises are home to Neff's high quality kitchen appliances, which are a great example and way to introduce their products to a different, narrower but quality target audience. The studio regularly hosts photo shoots and various video shoots, events that bring together a wide variety of audiences - influencers, company and brand managers, content creators, etc., who can both learn about and try out for themselves the different products displayed in the studio. For example, at recent events, influencers such as Markus Riva, Indra Salceviča, Deniss Ševeļovs, Paula Freimane, Rūta Dvinska, and chefs such as Elmārs Tannis, Gatis Grosbergs, Raimonds Zommers, etc., have shared their experiences and thoughts about their experiences with their followers on social media, through masterclass concepts and photo/video projects.

Together with the b-studio creative team, it is possible to create a book from cover to cover, including creative ideas, formatting, printing, textual and visual content. The development of the recipe book "Holiday Recipes with Neff and Gati Grosberg" included all stages from 0 to the physical end result, creating a meaningful, visually pleasing presentation material for the Neff brand to give away to clients and partners. The added benefit for the client is the saving of communication, planning and time resources, as b-studio's capabilities and the people behind it deliver projects with an integrated approach that includes all the related services required to meet the client's needs and solve the problem.

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