The strongest argument must win, not the superior position

Author: Inta Buša, CEO

Growth in a company is not possible without the growth of its employees. For us, BSMS, general education and individual proficiency enhancement is very important. It is not an extra, but a necessity. In general, I have noticed that employees are happy to use various opportunities to improve their knowledge of the industry as a whole or a specific aspect of operations. Nowadays, companies need to be able to offer and provide opportunities for their employees to build their own and company's overall competitiveness. Moreover, I want people in our team who are aware of the value of knowledge and strive for it.

A year ago, in cooperation with several Latvian universities and colleges, we created the #WANNABE project. Its goal is to enrich the content of academic education with practical skills. During this year, BSMS and b-studio have provided practice to a record number of students: almost 50 students from at least 5 fields of study. Young people want to take part in events and projects that can not only enrich their professional experience, but also gain valuable insights for the future. Working together with the professionals of our company, students have the opportunity to learn from the process itself - to feel the taste of reality. This month b-studio is often booked by RMMT students filming and photographing, developing creative content according to their vision. Sometimes, while drinking coffee, I watch the students in action and their enthusiasm and passion inspire me!

In the framework of the #WANNABE project, I conducted a couple of guest lectures for students of Riga Stradiņš University a year ago, and this year the university has invited me to join the teaching staff, lecturing the course “Fundamentals of International Advertising Organization and Management”. Since I have studied a lot myself, I have my own understanding of how I, as a student, would like to see the learning process. Students in the educational institution are customers, and their wishes must be understood and expectations satisfied. Therefore, I regularly conduct course evaluation surveys to receive feedback, what I can improve in my work, with which I need to supplement the curriculum. It is a constant learning and improvement - quite a lot for teachers themselves.

Within the course, we learn how to organize advertising, marketing campaigns and manage processes. My goal is to prepare young people to be great leaders in the future - to build their own businesses or to act as existing units, brands or advertising professionals. In any way, regardless of the position, in order them to be excellent interlocutors with a clear vision and opinion that would not be a problem to defend. In each lesson we have a lot of discussions - we share opinions and arguments heartily and freely.

I am convinced that the learning process must be interactive, and not just because it is 'trendy'. New ideas and fresh insights emerge in interaction, exchange of thoughts and opinions. The teacher does not have to have the authority to say the "only truth." If someone has a stronger argument, I want him/her to defend it, thus overturning what I said, even if I am a teacher. The strongest argument must win, not the one anticipated in class or in the highest position. We also have regular brainstorms in the company - we get together, exchange ideas and express other, alternative opinions. We must each be able to get out of our "bubble". At this time, the ability to exchange constructive views and really listen to what others have said is very important. Let’s make strong and great arguments and opinions!