“What's in a bear's belly?”

Open house event at BSMS and b-studio, where you can experience the implementation of the studio's creative projects - photo sessions, video filming, and organizing masterclasses, explore the full potential of b-studio. Well-known influencers came to visit us to share their culinary secrets!

Musician Markus Riva presented the best recipes for vegan sweets and aired on Facebook Live. A healthier way of life is becoming more and more important, but the desire for sweets was not canceled at all. Living healthy and delicious is possible, and Markus proved it.

The leader of the body positivity movement and stylist - Indra Salceviča made her new show debut at b-studio - the talk show “Kitchen”. About ”kitchens” in the kitchen! Each industry has its own "kitchen" according to which it works. In the following series of the talk show, Indra will invite specialists from various fields to find out their experience from their "kitchens", while having an informal conversation and preparing a meal.

The final part of the masterclasses was led by Alona Grevcova, founder and designer of the brand “Noname Atelier”, as well as an Instagram influencer. Alona's passion for bakery is known to everyone, and every one of her followers knows how professional a designer is in this matter. Need a yeast? No problem! The b-studio guests tasted Alona's focaccia bread, and no one stayed unsatisfied.

Throughout the day, guests also had the opportunity to capture moments in the bright b-studio photo zone, which represents the brand's daring to take risks and be visible. The unofficial part of the evening was taken over by the Martini brand ambassador, who prepared the new Martini Fiero refreshing cocktails for visitors so that the conversations in the kitchen would not remain silent.

b-studio is a multifunctional lifestyle, photo, and video studio with a kitchen area for those who want to be noticed - this is a space where you can express yourself and create. bstudio.lv