Jurmala - from sunrise to sunset

TASK - to inform society about the playlist available on Spotify “Jūrmala - from sunrise to sunset”, which was created in cooperation with DJ Tomas Grēviņš.

10 different influencers were selected and involved in the project, who were sent a gift and an invitation to share a selection of songs with their followers. When preparing a gift, we took care that when opening it, influencers receive a surprise inspired by nature. Influencers could share the feeling of music when visiting Jūrmala or experience the vibe of the Jurmala city listening to the playlist from home. When choosing opinion leaders, special care was taken about their communication style so that the invitation would not seem artificial to their followers.

t-krekls ar apdruku mārketinga vajadzībām, blakus stav kartīte un koka zariņš dekoram