We strengthen brands by ensuring availability of products and promote recognizability of brands by creating a link between the customer and the buyer. The company's values for our customers are saving time, increasing competitiveness and demand.

  • TIME - we take care of promotion of sales and recognizability of brands, and you can dedicate your time to implementation of other goals.

  • COMPETITIVENESS - noticeable brand, involvement of customers and focused marketing approaches help to compete successfully in the market and achieve results.

  • DEMAND - by improving availability and recognizability of products, we promote repeat purchases and loyalty of customers.

  1. Janis Aboltins

    Member of the board

  2. Liva Rudzona


  3. Viktors Aboltins

    Head of merchandising department

  4. Janina Vinklere

    Customer experience advisor

  5. Alina Radzevica

    Senior project manager

  6. Veronika Slotova

    Project manager

  7. Linda Berestovska

    Project manager

  8. Zane Sivina

    Project manager

  9. Ilze Magone

    Graphic designer

  10. Kristaps Eglitis

    Web developer

  11. Baiba Pujina

    Merchandising project manager

  12. Svetlana Jankuna

    Merchandising project manager

  13. Marika Kolate Vedla

    Merchandising project manager