Aim - raise awareness of the “MŪSU” brand and promote sales by influencer marketing and point-of-sale tastings.

(1) Attraction of influencers. We surprised influencers by preparing large gift boxes with fresh strawberries, rhubarb and three bottles of wine. While receiving the gifts, they sang songs, took pictures, enjoyed the wine tasting moments, and even pets’ tasted strawberries. Engagement was amazing – altogether 29 influencers shared 56 stories, 1 reel and the reach was more than 550 000 followers!

(2) Event organization and content creation. In order to promote awareness and create content for future communication, we organized “MŪSU” summer picnic with the participation of influencers: Māra Upmane-Holšteine @asto_maar, Māra Ziemele @edamskaisti, Sanda Dejus @sandadejus and Līga Nakts @liganakts. As a result, we got 4 posts and 18 stories and the reach was around 50 thousand followers.

(3) Point-of-sale tastings: Sales promotion. In total we organised 8 “MŪSU” tastings in Alkoutlet and TOP stores in 7 Latvian cities and reached more than 1400 people and sold more than 110 bottles of wine. Also by inviting people to taste the wine we learnt their thoughts about the product and the brand that will help to develop the brand in the future.