Euroser influencer boxes

TASK – to familiarize a wider audience with the product range through social networks without creating its own profile, which is a time-consuming and expensive process. Three different concepts for three product lines were created within the campaign. The objective was an inconspicuous emergence in social networks, as much as possible to recalling the sponsored content, so that micro influencers would be involved, with maximum harmonization of the product story and the content of the news with the profile content (healthy lifestyle consents, confectioners etc.). These products were reflected in various recipes, showing their applicability and adding value at the same time. Using 15 micro influencers, more than 40,000 impressions were achieved, involving more than 25,000 profiles, which is a successful result, given that these achieved profiles are not accidentally, but rather willing to follow this type of content - the audience was filtered. There was also an additional interest in the followers, receiving specific questions about products and their availability at the trading venues.