L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Clinical event

Objective: to introduce content creators, social media users, media and customers to L’Oréal Paris’ new Revitalift Clinical product line, as well as to remind them of already well-known brand products. BSMS’s task was to develop a concept that helps the audience understand the scientific aspect behind L’Oréal products and allows to have fantastic time in a great company and venue.

Zuzeum Art Center was chosen as the venue for the event, helping to embody the concept of the event “When beauty and science meet”. Several photo and video zones, as well as product displays were there to inspire guests to create content and share the unforgettable atmosphere on social networks.

During the event media and influencers from all over the Baltics worked in the laboratory, made skin testings, received recommendations from a dermatologist and beauty expert, and also enjoyed food, drinks and activities tailored to the event.

The BSMS team thought of everything: from original invitations packed in an elegant glass tube and delicious surprise gifts at the hotel for foreign guests to technical support and logistics. In total, around 80 people attended the event.