RGK snack favourites - recipe book

TASK – to create a modern product story that makes the saliva run into the mouth and “eat with eyes”. Our goal was to combine the necessary with the usefulness to present a reader with a variety of products in a binding manner. Photos of food are a trend already. The recipes for the various meat meal are not new – search for articles on Google, read in the magazine and prepare! In turn, cooking is often very time-consuming, and sometimes it is more useful for us to spend so expensive with our lovers, together with celebration at a beautiful holiday table that does not associate with past hours at the stove. We therefore created a special booklet with special and easy-to-produce recipes that positioning the customer as a modern, time-bound brand. Miscellaneous products, different flavours, different audiences, so there are different solutions, but a uniform style and uniform concept are observed, primarily thinking about how to make holidays even more pleasant with quite simple recipes.