Organization of the Tele2 Children's Day "BŪVĒSIM KOPĀ” event

Task: Introduce children of Tele2 employees to the Tele2 company and its values through educational and sports games, interesting lectures, etc. activities.

A whole day in which we built relationships together, a dream workplace and bright moments for more than 100 children. The BSMS team created an event concept based on the possibilities of the office space and realized a visually and content-impressive event in the Lego theme with Lego characters, energetic teachers and excellent assistants. A 24-person BSMS team took care of the great atmosphere and details during the event. We organized educational and interactive lectures for children, dance lessons, sports relays, hidden treasure hunts, various creative workshops, board games, and not to mention Lego activities. Tele2’s office was decorated and a Lego-themed photo corner was created. During the event, the children were offered morning snacks, hot lunches and delicious snacks. At the end of the day, the kids appreciated popcorn along with watching a cartoon while waiting for their parents.