WEB3 loyalty programs

Loyalty programmes are a key tactic in a brand's strategy to retain and attract customers, especially in a competitive and dynamic market. Web3 loyalty tools, on the other hand, not only provide clear communication of offers to all stakeholders, but also transparency of loyalty activities and engagement, using the power of blockchain technology.

For customers, Web3 loyalty tools enable a personalised and engaging brand experience, innovation and the ability to capture and control their own data - loyalty activities and rewards.

The latest customer engagement and loyalty tools are now used by 80% of the world's 500 most influential brands. (Source: World Economic Forum 10'2023 report.)

We offer the latest customer engagement and Web3 loyalty tools that enable every brand to build direct and meaningful connections with their customers and loyal customers, thereby increasing customer retention and encouraging repeat purchases.

We train, consult and help you implement loyalty projects from A to Z. Key features of tools using blockchain technology:

  • ✔ Transparency: combines multiple customer interactions with a brand into a single database;

  • ✔ Community building: direct connection of the brand to community members;

  • ✔ customised environment: convenient and easy user experience;

  • ✔ Brand collaboration: allows you to reach loyal customers of other brands and combine the customer benefits offered by multiple brands;

  • ✔ Rewards and benefits: community members are rewarded for their engagement;

  • ✔ Ownership: points or benefits earned for engagement can be transferred to someone else, thus their loyalty is an asset;

  • ✔ Security: strong data encryption and privacy features that comply with GDPR requirements.

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