Ilona Regzdina: Being on the other side

Author: Ilona Regzdina

I am definitely not the first or the last example of marketing people changing activity sides – from the agency to the customer or vice versa, as in my case. My first and so far the only experience working for an agency was several years ago when I was making TV shows. Back then, creativity was a part of everyday life and now I can say that I want it more and more in my everyday life. 2021 was a year of changes in my personality and professional activities. It allowed me to define my priorities and goals, in both professional and private field.

I am pleased in 2022 to join the BSMS team, which provides excellent, thought-out and data-based marketing and merchandising services. Having worked on the side of demanding customers for several years, developed marketing and campaign strategies, led and motivated a team, worked in a time of change, I am now on the other side – as the head of BSMS Marketing Department. This year, together with the team, we will help companies achieve the set business goals, thus strengthening BSMS positions in the industry. I want to pass on my many years’ knowledge of the retail industry to my new team. By sharing my experience of being on the side of the dynamic and demanding customer, we will provide excellent marketing services to BSMS customers.

However, in addition to the ambitious goals of BSMS, the work-life balance is undeniably important. I have observed how much the company’s management cares that the employee has a life outside of work – studies, additional projects, hobbies, rest, time for family, etc. This was one of the reasons why I joined BSMS. For example, in January, working hours were reduced from eight to six hours for a month for the purpose of promoting work efficiency, motivating employees to rest more and improve their self-realization outside of work. I am sure that this year will yet bring much new and exciting.

Let us all have a successful and powerful year!


Ilona Regzdina, BSMS Head of Marketing Department