Janis Aboltins - care is the key of company's sustainability

My name is Janis, I’m a young man aged 44 and an owner of BSMS company for almost 15 years now.

I started independent life when I was underage. Used to work at flea market, which was the first experience in business, if you may say so. Then also played in amateur theatre and even put my hand on carpentry, until one day I found in newspaper that some company is looking for sales agents. Little did I know, that I will become the owner of this company.

The essence of Latvian merchandising saved its specifics and techniques since the beginning. And this service can`t be underestimated.

Have to admit, I am a dreamer myself. The biggest and brightest dreams of mine are usually written down. Later those can be analyzed and maybe even developed into a new product. The Goldfish fairytale is not a fairytale at all, because most of my dreams came true.

Was marketing as demanded and topical 20 years ago as today? What have changed? Both then and today, the main goal is to promote product or brand awareness and boost sales. 20 years ago Latvian economy was smaller, only few marketing agencies existed, therefore the competition in the market was insignificant. Having a look back, I could compare those times with cave people lives, when the only tool you could work with were chopper and scraper. Therefore today, we have so much more opportunities and tools to work with, and that for sure have encouraged new agencies to start their action.

**What is the secret of companys long life?** In my opinion, it is all about caring for its health. As we love, respect and care for people, the same we should apply to business. If the business for you is just for profit, then it wont last long. The company is something more than just numbers – values are more important. Those companies, which bring emotions and extra purpose for its clients & employees, are ones to stay in the market for longer. The next step towards sustainability is being useful to society.

What is the core value, which BSMS respects the most and will stand by it in future? My dearest colleagues and life-long business partners, which were by our side at both highs and lows. Because that shows the true values of each – loyalty, trust and cooperation.

For you, as a business owner, what are the most important things to be followed, in order to run a business effectively? Respect, honesty, courage, trust and in my opinion, the most important – patience. Without trust, there is no way a business can survive at all. Moreover, you should be honest and brave to yourself and others, especially at times, when to accept your limits. Sometimes, you have to let someone else, who`s overwhelmed with energy, to “lead the ship”.

And I expect the same from employees daily. Each one of them is like an organ in a body. As soon as one stops to operate properly, the whole body will start to suffer. Everyone needs to know their job and if it is not completely clear, then there must be a desire to learn it. The key to a company’s success and sustainability lies in the independence of its employees - they must be allowed to work and develop on their own and not be pushed to do something.