Every one of us has once been a wannabe while on the road to success and dreams. A wannabe graphic designer, a wannabe video editor, a wannabe interior designer, a wannabe lifestyle blogger or anything – until the knowledge and skills are gathered, so you could truly be it.

But acquiring skills is not a simple process - the hardest part is getting started. Businesses are not looking for wannabes, companies want to hire professional and experienced masters of the trade, otherwise resources are required for months of training, which does not always bear fruit. We, bsms too, have been faced with this dilemma – we must weigh the scales and decide if want to team up with new, motivated people against the risks associated with such decisions.

Half a year ago we started the #WANNABE project in cooperation with Latvian universities and colleges. It involved developing a study process with practical assignments, mentoring the development of bachelor or masters diploma thesis, as well as preparing study assignments, guiding guest lectures and provisioning internship placements.

Internally, we have also identified the employee education being one of our strategic five-year goals. This goal means stepping out of the comfort zone, even for the most experienced team, since learning tends to show things from a different perspective, reveals something new, thus making it necessary to evaluate existing methods, their effectiveness and relevance in today’s changing world. In our view, education and practice are not comparable units, both of which are equally important to the people who call themselves professionals. Therefore, we have thought in depth about the learning process and we support a practical approach to knowledge acquisition, while emphasising the importance of theoretical knowledge.

We invite others to participate in this project - educational institutions, companies and professionals, as well as students!