The winning card of this era

Inta Buša started her career at BSMS three years ago as a junior project manager. While showing a great self-initiative and creative ideas she has gained trust and now works as development project manager. Inta and her team truly believes that the one who is going to last is the one who is willing to change.

In the beginning of June BSMS has changed its visual identity – why did you decide to do that at first place? First of all, today marketing is very dynamic, which means that every compmany in this industry, including us, must be able to handle it. Secondly, we felt that we need changes also in emotional level – we have worked in this area more than 17 years, so it was time for some improvments. Consequently, we made changes both visually and strategically. It seems to me that everyone (both business and individuals) has an important necessity of sense what you have done so far, who are you now, and what do you want to succeed later. It was important for us as an agency to understand what is our role in the industry, and I can admit that we have done that. Our team consists of both – excellent personalities and responsible employees, and for the company and us this is a new beginning, a new breath.

BSMS has defined that shopper marketing is its main segment – what can you offer to your customers and consumers in this field? Shopper marketing focuses on the customer at the point of purchase and immediate impact. But at the same time it is important to acknowledge that globalization, technological development and changes in consumer behavior couse that purchases are no longer limited only at physical stores. Consumers decide and make their decisions online, on Instagram, festivals, events, even on the street – these locations are very diverse. As an agency, BSMS helps the customer define its primary target audience and find the right way to reach its consumer in order to make a purchase and become familiar with the brand. We have highlighted three key areas – attention, conversation, loyalty, through which we communicate brands to customers.

What is your opinion of the development of marketing sector in Latvia? Today we are living in digital and information age. The amount of information available for customer has increased, therefore their expectations are grown. That means that those who work in marketing needs to turn mass amounts of data into unique and personilized messages for individuals – that is a global requirement for brand in order to be successful. In general, the marketing sector is very fragmented not only in Latvia, but also globally. There are quite amount of marketing agencies who says that they will do anything, even take out clients trash if necesary. It seems to me that in a way marketing sector has lost its focus – there is always a desire to try everything, so there is a chance that you will go to all sides at the same time. Of course sometimes it is even a good thing and it can also be called a winning card of this era.

What are the future goals of BSMS? Definitely we want to grow. Indeed shopper marketing segment is very interesting, but at the same time there is much more to learn and improve. We believe that the one who is going to last is the one who is willing to change.