Tastings & Promo activities

Since the beginning of the agency we have been organising tastings and promotional activities that include:

  • ✔ concept development;

  • ✔ visual design of the activity area;

  • ✔ choosing the right promo person for the brand and its product;

  • ✔ handouts as required;

  • ✔ debriefing after each activity.

Promo activities' favourite customer engagement tools:

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Memory game using a tablet

  • Photo corner with promotional banner

  • Free product giveaway

  • Gifts with purchase

It should be mentioned that shoppers appreciate the brand's special promotional offers during the activity.

Although the format of the product tasting is highly dependent on the brand and product specifics, our solutions always help to highlight the brand, its values and product features.

We offer both design for visual materials and production organisation, including stand and table production.

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