Each recipe for a successful solution involves working with the customer to find the perfect compromise. In contrast, the uniqueness of each project lies in the risk of choosing a different, original, new approach.

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    Barbie 360 campaign

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    Jurmala - from sunrise to sunset

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    First steps of Zero Waste movement in Latvian supermarkets

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    Online press conference with masterclass

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    MAXIMA Wine School Online Master Class

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    The feeling of summer in the fall with Martini Fiero - an influencer campaign

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    Merchandising for “Spodrība”

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    pols.lv summer campaign

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    City Bee Client`s Day 2020

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    Opening the new City Bee area in Liepaja

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    Hypertown beauty zone

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    Hypertown Helio

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    Sail into the Sea of Love

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    Corporate event for BSH employees

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    Maxima Bubble Voyage Event

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    Omega 3 campaign

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    Coquerel cider presentation

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    Martin Miller gin event

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    Carolans pop up activities

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    Cinema with Semper

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    Syoss Pure stage

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    RGK snack favourites - recipe book

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    Plantation Pineapple rum party

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    Winery Naukšēni "Stiprais"

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    Food Union product calendar

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    RBB Cherry

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    Euroser influencer boxes

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    P.f. Ķekava Grill Festival ‘18

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    Jelgavas printing orders

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    RGK Green Line package design

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    Fiskars FF'18

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    Rasēns store campaign

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    Monster Mango loco's new product decoration

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    Euroser focus group

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    Lego merchandising

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    Pause the moment with Mentos!